February 7, 2020

What People Think About SimpsonLaw!

As the Director of Government Affairs and Counsel for the Texas Land Title Association, I strongly recommend Ms. Mabel Simpson as an adjunct professor at the UNT Dallas College of Law. Ms. Simpson is a long-standing member of the Texas Land Title Association and volunteer member of the Legislative Committee that I staff.

Ms. Simpson has repeatedly demonstrated her vast knowledge of real estate law and we have relied on her analysis many times as we endeavored to develop positions on legislation and various amendments to proposed legislation. Additionally, she has helped us craft draft legislation as part of our affirmative agenda over the past two legislative sessions. Ms. Simpson’s years of experience and wide knowledge of the law has proven to be an invaluable contribution. Our group has benefited from her bringing real world considerations from her experience practicing various types of real estate law distinct from the experience of most of my other committee members. She has had to play the role of teacher more than once to her fellow colleagues despite their impressive experience and depth of legal understanding—this is especially true in the context of water law. Her ability to explain and teach complex law is outstanding. There is no question in my mind that your students would benefit from the same abilities and knowledge that has served us on so many occasions.


Aaron Day
Director of Government Affairs and Counsel
Texas Land Title Association

Shelley Hickey

June 16, 2015

I have known and worked with Mabel Simpson for 16 years in her capacity representing my company in real estate closings as a fee attorney for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.  She has an excellent understanding of real estate law, but just as important is her ability to communicate effectively to explain both residential and commercial transactions to the parties involved in the real estate closing process.  In my opinion, Mabel would make an excellent adjunct Professor of Real Estate Law.  She has an in-depth knowledge of real estate law and the ability to convey it effectively.  In addition, Mabel is active in her community and a very nice person.  I would highly recommend Mabel for this position.


Darryl J. Tyson
President—DFW Division
Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

I have known Ms. Simpson for a number of years, both as client and friend.  She has always been a valuable contributor not only of her legal expertise but also of her time to important nonprofit organizations in Richardson and the area. Mabel has a unique ability to communicate very clearly regarding complex legal issues.  I feel that she would have a great deal to offer her students, not only regarding the complexities of the law but also her very practical experiences.

I have observed her in both group and individual settings. Her personality is one of business with a smile accompanies by a realistic and practical application of the law.

Very truly yours,
Charles Eisemann

June 24, 2015

My name is Joseph E. McCombs owner and operator of JEM Real Estate, JEM Investments, Samantha Springs Inc., Light House Holdings Inc., and Samantha Springs Bottling Company, Mabel has been my attorney, consultant, and a close personal friend for the past twenty six plus years.  Her legal guidance as it pertains to real estate transactions, Texas ground water law, TCEQ interaction, estate planning, employment issues, the occasional law suit, everyday business advice, coupled with her common sense no baloney approach has proven to be a winning formula.

Therefore, in my opinion, if Mabel is willing to share her gift with UNT legal hopefuls, then it would be to their great benefit to listen and learn.

Joseph E. McCombs