meeting-room-2Incorporations of New Business

  1. Filing Fee: $300.00
  2. Expedited Service  $125.00
  3. Preparation: $2,000.00 Atty’s Fee*
  4. Corporate Book  $110.00
  5. SS4 Obtained: $50.00

Total including optional services: $2,585.00

*Attorney’s fees include drafting the following documents:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Bylaws
  3. Minutes of Organizational Meeting
  4. Waiver for Notices
  5. Bank Resolution
  6. Issuance of Stock Certificates
  7. Office consultation up to 2 hours for finalizing corporate book, and general counseling regarding maintaining corporate formalities.

Incorporations of Pre-Existing Business

  1. Filing Fee: $300.00
  2. Notices:
    • Minimum $350.00 Notice/Intent to Incorporate (or applicable rate charged by Newspaper)
    • Minimum $350.00 Notice/Intent Transfer Assets (or applicable rate charged by Newspaper)
  3. Add’l Fees to Corp above ($2510) for:
    • Resolution Assuming Liabilities of Pre-existing entity
    • Bill of Sale for Assets $275.00
    • Notices for Newspaper $225.00

Total for Incorporating an Existing Business: $3,710.00 plus notice charges.

Limited Liability Company

  1. Filing Fee: $300.00
  2. Preparation & Organizational Agreement: $4,500.00 Atty’s Fee plus $1,000.00 changes.
  3. Corporate Book $110.00

Total: $5,910.00

NOTE: Any additional documentation requested by Client shall be prepared on an hourly basis at $325.00 per hour. (e.g. Buy-Sell Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, etc.). The fees above include courier and postage, and any other documentation that is required to be circulated shall be charged to the Client assessed the costs of courier and postage necessary for additional details. If the Client is forming a foreign corporation, Client will be responsible for the applicable filing fees in this jurisdiction which is additional to the above and must be a valid entity in the domestic jurisdiction. This will be charged on an hourly basis for the preparation of any additional documentation required by Texas or that jurisdiction to remain in compliance.

All Entities Annual Minutes & Meetings

For an additional annual fee of $375.00 per year, the law firm of M. M. Simpson & Associates, P.C. provides an annual entity upkeep service which includes the following:

  1. Satisfying Notice Requirements of Bylaws for required annual Shareholder’s and Board of Director’s Meetings of Partner’s Meetings;
  2. Prepare the Minutes of the Annual Meeting Partner’s Meeting;
  3. Preparation a corporate resolutions from annual meeting, or Partnership actions.