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Revocable Living Trust

  1. Trust instrument (Single or Joint)
  2. Pour-Over Wills (two)
  3. Conveyance of 2 real estate parcels and 2 financial accounts (if applicable)*
  4. Certificate of Trust
  5. Complete Property Transfer Directions
  6. Personal Property Transfer Form Letter
  7. Revocable Trust Special Durable Power of Attorney
  8. Directive to Physicians (if desired)


The second Estate Planning Package is prepared for a spouse only $5,500.00

County Clerk Filing Fees not included–typically $30.00 per Deed

The above legal fees include all personal consultations necessary to formulate and sign the estate plan, drafting of all documents and the designated transfers into your Trust. Complete instructions for transferring other assets into your Trust are also provided. Assistance in transferring more property is available at an additional  charge.

Remember, that a Revocable Living Trust is only effective if the property identified is transferred into the Trust. The above legal fees include our charges for transferring some property and providing you with an instruction sheet explaining the simple steps required if you wish to subsequently transfer other property into the Trust yourself. If you would like for us to transfer all your property into your Trust, following is a breakdown of costs for specific items:

  1. Additional Deed transfers of real estate into Trust $175.00 per conveyance instrument
  2. Assignment of Mortgage $200.00
  3. Transfer of Stock Certificates $200.00 per Company into Trust (not per certificate)
  4. Additional transfers of financial accounts $200.00 per account includes conference with institution
  5. Certified Postage (If Necessary) Charged at our cost
  6. Filing Fee for Documents which must be recorded. Charged at our cost

If you engage the firm, you must complete the information sheet with a deposit of the fees in full which will be held in trust until completion of the instruments through signature and authorize the firm to discuss with your C.P.A. or your tax preparer.