Recognized Service Organization emphasizing service by focusing on legal, regulatory matters, and legal review of lending documents in the Residential Lending industry with the “Perfection of the Security Instrument in Mind”.

Enabling Our Customers to Improve Efficiencies while Mitigating Liabilities

Document Preparation


“Created by Professionals who Understand Document Preparation with Perfection of Security Instrument in Mind”

Speed – Just in Time Delivery

  • Automate entire document process.
  • Roll – out new lending programs and products quickly with confidence.
  • Adapt to changes as they happen.
  • Potenial for all closing needs in one central location.

Best in Class SLA’s “Dedicated and knowledgeable staff of experts”

  • Same day Closing Doc delivery with Legal Review dependent upon order submission.
  • 100% Web based accessibility anytime, anywhere.
  • Statutory and regultory compliant document packages.
  • Redundancy –  mulitiple data centers for virtually 100% uptime.
  •  Extensive Data Security (Hacker Safe, SAS-70 Data-Centers, Password expiration and change, 128 bit SSL encryption, Secure document pick-up )

Compliant Documents

  • Legal staff constantly monitoring changes and updates.
  • HCA tests showing which fees to include or exclude.
  • OFAC check, rescission date check, state urury tests, state prohibited fee check, investor data check (caps, margins, interest only months, etc.) and built in rules (late charges PMI, PMI LTV, etc.)

Convenient – No Integration Required

  • Easily add custom documents to streamline process.
  • Add additional questions and fields.
  • Turn off specific fields.
  • Incorporate specific lending processes into your document preparation solution.

Savings to your Borrower of 50 to 75%

Return hard earned money to your Borrowers.

Doc Assistant Closing Document Preparation: Combining expertise in Perfecting the Security  Instrument with a cutting edge SAAS delivery engine.  Doc Assistant provides ease of use and best in class user experience in generating and delivering Compliant Closing Documents. * No software or dedicated hardware required

Doc  Assistant seamlessly integrates with most Loan Originating Systems delivering loan docs within minutes anytime, anyday, from anywhere.

*  Packages can be customized for a lender’s particualr requirement.

          *  No charge for redraws, anytime.


Doc Assistant support staff are industries best and brightest.  To contact a team member, dial  (855) 274 – 0202 or email us at

Secure Electronic Delivery

Securely deliver critical documents  or other sensitive documents containing highly confidential information within seconds.  Allows any third party the ability to securely retrieve and print a closing package online confidentially on time – every time.

Doc Assistant High Cost / Predatory Lending Analysis

Ease of use and efficient process to filter all loans for high – cost thresholds.  One click gives peace of mind…………..High Cost Analysis is working hard to provide a detailed and comprehensive report testing for compliance for the following: with high cost regulations across all jurisdictions (federal, state, and local).

  • Federal, state and local antipredatory lending law anlysis
  • Truth-In-Lending Act tolerances
  • State law review
  • Investor requirements
  • Client – specific tests

Worksheet featuring Points and Fees Drilldowns pinpointing compliance violations and suggest corrective measures.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Liability
  • Eliminate Common Mistakes
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Satisfy Investors and Examiners

Loan Modification

SimpsonLaw and Title can modify the terms and other features of a loan by preparing a loan modification agreement.  Other documents are availabel depending on the situation.

Document Review

Documents prepared by morgage professionals and reviewed by an experienced staff to ensure compliance and perfection of the security instrument


We electronically record documents with county clerks expediting the turn time of recorded documents.